4.72. kink/random/CSRNG

Cryptographically secure random number generators.

When you have to make such as random nonces, salts, or session ids, use this mod to get an RNG.

RNGs created by this mod might or might not use hardware entropy source. Thus, CSRNG.new, `gen_int`, `gen_bin`, and `gen_bool` migt or might not block.

See kink/random/RNG for `rng` type.

4.72.1. CSRNG.new

`new` makes a cryptographically secure rng val. See kink/random/RNG mod for the result type `rng`.



:Rng <- CSRNG.new
:Nums <- VEC.from_each(10.times.map{ Rng.gen_int(100) })
# Output varies for each execution:
#   [67 47 21 39 98 26 45 37 7 95]

The result rng val is not thread-safe. Thus, use of a single rng val from multiple threads must be synchronized.