3.58. kink/repl/REPL

Provides REPL (read-eval-print-loop) tool.

3.58.1. REPL.run(...[$conf = {}])

Runs a REPL tool.

$conf takes a Conf val. Conf val has the following configuration methods.

Conf.printer(Printer): sets a Printer by which the REPL tool prints out prompts, messages and results. If no printer is given, the REPL tool uses kink/CORE.stdout.

Conf.scanner(Scanner): sets a Scanner from which the REPL tool scans programs from. If no scanner is given, the REPL tool uses kink/CORE.stdin.

Conf.env(Env): sets an Env with which the programs are run. If no env is given, the REPL tool makes a new empty env.